Tell us about yourself.

My name is Annika, a 28-year-old dancer, and student from Manhattan, New York. I love to travel, and my favorite food is arroz con pollo.

Do you have a specific name for your Vulva?

Duh! I call her Chichi.

How would you describe the relationship between you and your Chichi?

I never really had a good relationship with my Chichi, and I think that was because I could not find any products that could help me take care of the issues I had down there.

What kind of issues did you or still experience down there?

I sweat a lot - more than most people, I would say - and as a ballerina, I practice 4-6 days a week for at least 5 hours a day, so I have issues like sweaty odors, skin chafing, and irritation.

Has any of these issues ever gotten in the way of your life?

Yes, several times. The smell down there would be so bad at times that I would fake being sick, so I would not go practice or hang out with my family and friends; because I did not want them anywhere near me out of the fear that they could smell me. I was so ashamed of my Chichi.


When did you start using Kushae?

I started using Kushae after reading an article on Vogue magazine in 2020. After using so many feminine care products, I was very skeptical, but I bought the wash, the spray, and the balm anyway. 

I started using the products the moment they were delivered - I felt the difference immediately.

You said you were skeptical about using Kushae; what changed your mind?

The fact that your products are created by an OB/GYN and the ingredients are all plant-based.

What is your daily Kushae routine?

I always cleanse with the foaming wash, followed by a few spritzes of the deodorant spray - I let that dry, then I finish by applying the balm everywhere to prevent skin irritation. I also use the feminine soothing cream when I occasionally wax.

What do you love about Kushae?

Your products are created by a woman gynecologist, the natural ingredients; the products are gentle, they work. I could go on and on.

How has your relationship changed with your Chichi since the start of your Kushae routine?

I am no longer ashamed of my Chichi; I dance with confidence now because I know that Kushae will keep me smelling fresh all day long. 

What do you want to tell women who struggle with similar feminine issues as you?

You are not alone - many women are dealing with the same issues as you. Drink water, start a Kushae routine - your Chichi will thank you, and be kind to your Chichi!

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March 30, 2022 — Kushae Health
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