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How to Get Rid of Sweaty Vaginal feminine Odors...for GOOD!

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How to Get Rid of Sweaty Vaginal feminine Odors...for GOOD!

"I used to work in sales and remember having to literally run from door to door all day until 5pm and then have to turn around on some days to attend a dinner meeting from 6p-9p. My sweat down there would start by noon and by 5 I knew I couldn't run into another meeting without using a wipe or changing underwear! It would get quite musky!  I checked in with my OB...there was nothing wrong internally, just feminine odor caused from sweat, similar to how my underarms would sweat. Well, I had deodorant for my underarms, but what about down there?"
                                                                                      -KIMBA,The Natural Diva

Q: If I've confirmed with my doctor that I have no infections or issues INSIDE, why does it get musky down there?

A: The vulva (or the external areas of the vagina aka anywhere down there that grows hair), is similar to your armpits. Both grow hair and remain in dark, moist areas for the majority of the day. As the skin in these areas sweat, the bacteria that live on our skin begin to eat the sweat and the bacterial waste product (or their gas) is the offensive odor we smell. With a dark, moist environment, the bacteria are encouraged to eat and multiply and eat and multiply some more! Yikes!

An all-natural feminine deodorant spray was the first thing I wanted to create when I paired up with Dr. Barb, OB/GYN, on this journey called Kushae. I had spoken with countless friends and other women, many of whom were puzzled over how to tackle feminine odors down there, but we were all left clueless as to how to manage it...naturally. Sure there are other deodorant sprays, but they simply masked the odor and didn't address it. Even worse, I knew I was sensitive and that I shouldn't be spraying any artificial fragrances on my Kushae, anyway! I began to use homemade wipes and change underwear on the sweatiest of days, but was determined to figure something out!


No more worrying about musky odors down there after a long hot day, sweaty workouts, entertaining conversations on the phone (even that made me sweat!), or sitting in meetings all day...WOW! 

This deodorant spray has 7, YES, ONLY 7 ingredients including water! It is all-natural and uses the power of arrowroot powder to aid in sweat absorption and baking soda to eliminate bacteria and absorb feminine odors naturally. Aloe gel, one of nature's powerhouses also protects from dry vagina, moisturizes and soothes YOUR delicate vulvar skin. I gotta tell you...WE GOT THIS RIGHT!


This deodorant spray is for you if you...

  • Dread any one using the restroom after you in case you left it smelling musty
  • Pack extra underwear in your purse for a quick change during the day
  • Carry feminine/baby wipes to whisk away musty odors during the day
  • Can't wear a pair of jeans twice (in a pinch!) for fear the crotch would be musky
  • Would probably DIE if you were sweating, dropped something, and a guy wanted to bend past your waist to pick it up...OH NO!

Run (don't walk!) over to to order your Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray TODAY! It could change your life, too!

You get the BEST effectiveness if you use it after you shower and spray EVERYWHERE hair would grow down there...freshness all day!

With Love & Fresh Endings,
KIMBA The Natural Diva 

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