Stop feeling embarrassed or annoyed by vaginal struggles again...

5 Surprising Reasons That Will Make You Love Kushae’s Natural Feminine Care Line

1. You won't need to feel ashamed of your vagina again

As women, we should embrace our vulvas. But sometimes they can cause embarrassing situations. We endure a lot of issues down there, like strange odors, sweat irritation, bacteria, chafing, and even infections. But you don't have to.

Our products are simple to use, healthy, and trusted by 10,000+ women, so you can fix all those struggles in no time.

2. Made by an OB/GYN with 20 years of experience

After spending 2 decades listening to the concerns of women, our Co-Founder, Dr. Barb (MD; Board Certified OB/GYN) used the latest research to formulate safe products that have now provided relief for over 10,000 women.

3. So gentle on your sensitive areas — you will never face irritation or nasty side effects

We use only clean ingredients, and none of the bad stuff. We started Kushae because we wanted a natural and more conscious way for women to take care of down there.

Health is our number 1 value, and our products back that up.

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4. Now you can embrace your vulva, rather than feel ashamed of it

Many of us face anxiety and stress from things like recurring yeast infections, waiting until everyone leaves the bathroom because down there smells too damn bad, and “freshening” up a few times a day.

Luckily, our products help provide immediate relief to those problems (and many more). So you can go about your day with no added stress or anxiety. 

5. We make it easy to find the right products for you

One of the hard parts about taking care of your feminine health is knowing which products are best for you. Many women don’t even know there are things out there that can help them. We’ve made it easy by taking our resident OB/GYN’s experience and distilling it into a quiz that you can take to get a personalized feminine care routine.

Trusted by 10,000+ women who have found freedom from embarrassing situations down there!

“Love this product. It leaves you with a fresh feeling. The product is gentle, which I love as well.”

Dee, Verified by Judge.Me

"I recommend this product to any woman who wants to keep her vajayjay clean and fresh throughout the day!"

Annointed, Verified by Judge.Me

“The feminine wash is so delicate & gentle and you only need a small amount. It lasts all day better than summers eve or any other wash”

Yolanda Robinson, Verified by Judge.Me


“I haven’t used regular soap since I first heard about Kushae and I will never go back. Thank you for this awesome product!”

Keleesha Marley, Verified by Judge.Me

"If you don't have a proper wash like Kushae's, You'll get infections and irritation down there over and over again"


"I could tell the doctor really listened to patients concerns when making this"


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