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OB/GYN-Created Feminine Care

Discover the NEW way to prevent underbreast sweat rashes

Prevent undrebreast sweat rashes and painful inner-thigh rubbing with our OB/GYN-developed skin balm.

Over 85,000 women served in the USA

289 Five-Star Reviews

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Women Everywhere ❤️ Kushae

The Protective Skin Balm Is Your Secret To Underbreast Rash Prevention

...AND inner thigh rubbing, AND vulva dryness from menopause. It’s a miracle balm that can do it all!

Protective skin barrier

The Balms powerful active ingredients create a natural, protective barrier to stop skin-on-skin rubbing, all while moisturizing your skin and wicking away sweat.

Healing & Soothing Properties

Made with honey, anti-inflammatory goldenseal, and calendula, this sophisticated formula soothes irritation and helps to repair underlying skin.

No more fungal & bacterial infections

Many women try to prevent sweat and heat rashes with aluminum deodorants, cornstarch and shampoos. These are known to feed fungal infections and irritate skin. Your health is safe with the balm!

Jar of KUSHAE Protective Feminine Skin Balm for natural care.

Feel the results from day 1

Once applied, you’ll immediately notice that your painful skin-on-skin-rubbing magically turns into silky skin-on-skin gliding protection for hours.

Natural, non-toxic, and never tested on animals

You’ll never find harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives -- only natural, OB/GYN-approved and tested ingredients that can be found in nature.

Skin safe: everywhere!

The Balm was developed and tested by an OB/GYN. That means it’s effective and safe to use between the thighs, in the pits, even on the vulva if it’s feeling dry and itchy.

85,000+ Women Trust This Balm To Prevent Underbreast Sweat Rash

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Too:


You can feel the results from day 1

The Protective Feminine Skin Balm is Kushaes #1 selling product for a good reason: it works fast! Once you apply the balm underneath your breast or between your thigh, you’ll immediately notice that painful skin-rubbing turns into silky skin-gliding protection for hours.

Until Kushae, nothing made a difference.

Best product I've used. I had some chaffing going on, and I put this on after a shower. No more irritation!


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Helps stop sweat rashes, skin rubbing & chafing all day!

Underbreast sweat rashes are the worst! They’re painful and can make life unbearable (especially during the summer).

This unique, all natural balm contains 3X carefully-chosen ingredients to counteract the effects of sweat and skin-on-skin rubbing by creating a natural protective barrier that wicks away moisture.

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Created by a certified OB/GYN with 20+ years of medical practice

Dr. Barb McLaren, an OB/GYN with over 20 years experience, created the Kushae Protective Feminine Skin Balm to solve the miserable discomfort that many of her patients had been suffering with for years. It's safe and gentle on even sensitive areas; under your breasts, between thighs, and even on your vulva if it’s feeling dry and itchy.

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“Healing ingredients makes this balm protective and restorative wherever you have irritation”

Dr. Barb McLaren, renowned OB/GYN and breast cancer survivor, is on a mission to give every women safer, more effective alternatives to the harsh feminine care treatments on the market today. Her research and products have helped 10’s of thousands women find new-found confidence and relief by giving them natural solutions to every day challenges.

Dr. Barb McLaren, MD, FACOG, New Beginnings, Houston, Texas

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Immediate relief from chafing

Developed by an OB/GYN

No artificial ingredients

Anti-inflammatory & soothing

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Delivery: 3-7 Days

Relief from sweat rashes and irritation in 3 steps

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Scoop a small amount of the balm onto your fingertip

Person holding a jar of skin balm, applying product, dressed in a white bra, and shirt.

Apply generously to affected skin and surrounding areas

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Enjoy the rest of your day feeling relief and free from painful irritation

Hear from women who’ve found natural comfort and relief from irritation


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