Stop feeling embarrassed or annoyed by vaginal struggles again...

How to stop vaginal sweating & odors in 2 easy steps

Sweating "down there" is normal. But excessive feminine sweating can cause a range of health issues like irritation, chafing, and embarrassing odors. 

March 9th, 2022 at 7:23pm EST. | Sponsored by Kushae 

Read on to learn how 10,000+ women are controlling their sweat “down there” with two amazing products made by an OB/GYN.

Millions of women across America suffer from vaginal issues like excessive sweat causing embarrassing odors, irritation and more.

Whether you’ve experienced issues since you were a teenager, suddenly after having a child, or you just woke up on your period and something just wasn’t right, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone in facing these struggles.

“8 of 10 women suffer from embarrassing vaginal odors”

Women who lead active lifestyles – including runners, dancers, lifters, yogi’s etc. – are no strangers to the awkward smells that pop up after a very active day.

And women who are busy at work, sitting in meetings for hours, walking around in work clothes, know just how important those midday “freshen ups” can be to stop those annoying sweaty odors in their tracks.

Whether someone is experiencing excessive sweating, odors, irritation, dryness or even infections, there's no denying just how embarrassing and stressful these vulvar and vaginal struggles can be.

Perhaps that’s why 1000's of women are turning to an OB/GYN who’s created natural solutions that are free from toxic chemicals to solve the most common feminine issues.

Get immediate relief from sweating, feminine odors, and irritation with the Power Duo by Kushae

The Power Duo by Kushae is the 1-2 punch for fighting excessive vagina odors, excessive sweating and discomfort.

Trusted by over 11,300 women across the USA, it's pack of 2 best-selling products to help you overcome your vaginal odor issues:

- The Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash, cleans your vulva and aligns your pH balance which helps regulate how much you sweat down there.

- The Kushae Feminine Deodorant Spray ends odors by neutralizing bacteria down there.

Developed by Dr. Barbara McLaren, an OB/GYN who has spent the last 20 years listening to women of all backgrounds, the Power Duo is designed to be the foundation of any vaginal care routine. 

How the Power Duo eliminates feminine odors  & excessive sweating in 2 steps:

Step 1: Cleanse
First, we recommend you use the Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash : it's an effective, natural feminine wash that leaves your vagina feeling fresh, clean & confident, all day long.

Unlike regular soaps, the Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash is pH-balanced and enables you to naturally, and delicately clean your vulva, without drying you out and leaving you feeling irritated.

With it’s unique, scent-free formula, it gently removes any unwanted bacteria that causes odors while restoring your vulva’s natural pH balance to reduce dryness and the sense of discomfort that comes with it — while also promoting healthier sweat levels.

It serves as an essential daily wash in a women's personal care routine, assisting with keeping the vulva healthy and fresh, even after a long day at work or doing errands.

Step 2: Neutralize
Afterwards, use the Kushae Natural Deodorant Spray to stops sweaty odors before they even begin. Just cleanse, pat dry, and spray…keeps embarrassing odors away!

The Kushae Natural Deodorant Spray doesn't mask odors with fragrances (fragrances down there often cause irritation and dryness). 

Instead, the deodorant is odorless and works by neutralizing any odor-causing bacteria that's on your vulva. Just a few sprays, and it stops nasty bacteria from forming all day long.

Trusted by 10,000+ women who have found freedom from embarrassing situations down there!

“I haven’t used regular soap since I first heard about Kushae and I will never go back. Thank you for this awesome product!”

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"The Natural Feminine Deodorant  Spray by Kushae is a game changer. A few sprays in the morning and that's all I need"


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  • Neutralizes odor causing bacteria
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