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New Breakthrough Methods To Stop Sweaty and Musty “Vaginal Odors”

By Andrea Díaz, Austin, Texas. Advertorial | October 23rd, 2022 at 7:23pm EST

Vaginal odor comes in many different forms, but it falls into 2 categories: internal vaginal odor and external feminine odor. Typically internal vaginal odor must be treated by a physician, while external feminine odor can be managed at home.

Let’s examine the different feminine odors, their causes, and what you can do to eliminate them and enjoy smelling fresh all day!

Vaginal odors are embarrassing. But what really causes them?

Internal vaginal odors are a health concern, and require a physician’s diagnosis and treatment, immediately.

If you're experiencing a fishy or rotten odor, chances are this could be a bacterial infection caused by a pH imbalance or a sexually transmitted disease.

Whatever you do, you should not try to wash or douche the internal canal of your vagina to get rid of this odor — you should see your OB/GYN immediately to understand what is truly going on and what course of treatment is right for you.

So, what if the odor is NOT fishy or rotten?

Chances are you’re experiencing an external odor, which is caused by sweat around your vulva (the external part of the vagina).

The good news is that we have tips for how to get rid of feminine odors for good!

This way there won’t be any embarrassing odors following you around when you get sweaty. (and you won’t be stuck in an awkward situation in the bedroom).

But first, let’s figure out what causes your external vaginal odor in the first place.

Every person has good bacteria that live on the surface of their skin. That bacteria's job is to prevent other harmful bacteria from attacking or penetrating our skin (cool, huh?).

But, like all living things, bacteria needs to eat. When your vulva (external vagina where hair grows) sweats, the bacteria have a good ole time eating the sweat.

As they gobble up the sweat and the oils from your skin, they begin to multiply and get rid of waste. Just like all other living things that eat, bacteria give off gaseous waste and that gaseous waste is the odor that you smell or your vaginal odor.

About 50% of women have bacteria “down there” that multiply at a more rapid rate than they experience the vaginal odor, while other women may not.

The good news is that those bodies that perspire are actually helping the body remove toxins, but the smell that comes with it is often embarrassing and certainly not welcome.

Tip #1: Use a pH balanced feminine wash

You should first be sure you are not using any products “down there” that could be causing irritation to your vagina, or throwing off your pH balance, which could both lead to odors caused by sweat.

Use a feminine wash that is pH balanced, like Kushae, to help “reset” your pH balance every day and “prep” your external vaginal skin for a deodorant solution. This way it moisturizes your vulva and surrounding

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Tip #2: Use a Feminine deodorant spray

We love the Kushae Feminine Deodorant Spray for vaginal odors caused by sweat!

It is one of a kind and totally gets rid of the musty vaginal odor!

With its patent-pending formula of all-natural ingredients, this spray neutralizes the bacteria and prevents them from causing vaginal odors in the first place.

It is amazing! The Kushae spray is made with no fragrances or heavy perfume, so the result you get has nothing to do with covering yourself in perfumes, but truly getting to the root of the problem…now that’s a solution for vaginal odor we can all live by!

Say goodbye to embarrassment and start wearing dresses again!

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