Kushae Premiere Hydrating Silk Body Oil

$39.99 USD

This luxurious body oil provides hydrating moisture to the bikini area, cuticles, face, beard, and all over the body.

Infused with Hemp Oil, this fast-absorbing dry oil is non-staining, is anti-inflammatory, and improves skin elasticity while leaving skin silky smooth.

Tea Tree Oil  - Powerful antibacterial; antifungal

Lemon Peel Oil – antibacterial; light exfoliant

Hemp Oil - Hydrates the skin; Anti-inflammatory

Use on any body hair for silky soft hair and skin. Perfect for bikini areas, under arms, all over body, beards, and face. For best results, use daily.

: Natural and Essential Oil Blend, Lemon Peel Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Hemp Seed Oil  


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