The Kushae Love Bundle - Limited Quantities Available

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Indulge in the ultimate self-love experience with our Valentine's Day bundle. Complete the bundle with your Kushae must-have of your choice below.


Reignite your passion between the sheets and deepen your sexual intimacy - with yourself or your partner - this Valentine's Day with the Kushae Love Bundle.

Our Kushae Love Bundle includes the Kushae Foaming Wash, a Silk Mask, the luxurious Hemp-Infused Body Oil, and our Premium Lace Panties.
Complete the bundle with your choice of an additional Kushae must-have for your best steamy and passionate self pleasure or partner play yet.

Order by 2/7/23 to receive by Valentine’s Day.

  • The Foaming Wash: Use the foaming wash for a hot and steamy bubble bath for yourself or your partner. Add a few drops of our luxurious body oil to increase arousal.
  • The Silk Body Oil: Heighten your sexual pleasure with our luxurious body oil - perfect for a sensual solo or couples massage.
  • The Silk Mask: Take sex to the next level by using our silk mask as a blindfold to increase your arousal and sexual excitement.
  • The Premium Lace Panties: Feel sexy, powerful, and even more desirable - to yourself or your partner - in our Kushae premium lace panties; made from soft lace with a cotton crotch, these panties add the perfect touch of romance and seduction to your V-Day plans.
  • The Feminine Deodorant Spray: Hot and steamy sex can leave you a little musty down there, so use this spray to keep the funk away before or after sex. And yes, your partner can go down there even if you use the spray! You're welcome!
  • The Soothing Cream: Ingrown hair and irritation can put a dent in your V-Day plans, so use our soothing cream for soft and silky skin to help you enhance your pleasure. 
  • The Skin Balm: For Solo Play, use this balm as an alternative to lube for better and more pleasurable orgasms. For Couples Play, use this balm after sex to soothe the vaginal canal or the vulva; in case sex went a little 50 shades of grey.
  • The Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories: Use this a day before having sex to freshen up your vagina and enjoy more intimacy with your partner. After sex, use it to balance your pH since sex can throw off your pH balance. 

Made Without: Sulfates, Glycerin, Parabens, SLS, Alcohol, Artificial Colors/Dyes.

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