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How To Fold A Menstrual Cup: Our Team Favorite Folds

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How To Fold A Menstrual Cup: Our Team Favorite Folds

Kushae's top priority has always been to provide gentle and nontoxic feminine hygiene products. This June, we are launching a long-kept secret product to the Kushae collection, menstrual cups! There are clear cups for the ladies who prefer to see their blood and pink cups for those who like to be discreet and keep it moving.

Menstrual cups are great alternatives to using pads or tampons as they can be more discreet, are a cheaper alternative, and last for years. If you are a menstrual cup virgin, we have a few pointers on correct insertion.

Fold 1

We are starting with the favorite and most used method by cup users, the Punch Down fold. This fold is the most recommended for our Kushae menstrual cup buyers because it is the most comfortable insertion angle. The small insertion point makes it simple to maneuver.

How To Make the Punch Down Fold:

  1. Hold the body of the cup in one hand.
  2. Use the index finger to push down one side of the cup to the bottom and pinch it.
  3. Once you have made the fold, insert the cup.

Fold 2

The C fold is the simplest method, but the menstrual cup often pops before being fully inserted. The C shape makes a larger insertion angle that makes it harder to position it correctly.
We recommend this method for those who are already used to wearing cups. We encourage beginners to learn and use both hands to create this shape.

How To Make the C or U Fold:

  1. Take your index finger and push down on one side until the two sides are touching each other.
  2. Fold it in half to make the C or U shape.
  3. After insertion, push the base of the cup to pop it.

Fold 3

If the above methods do not work well for your Kushae, the 7-fold might be the one for you! This method provides necessary changes from the Punch Down and C fold to provide a better cup experience. The 7-fold shape has a smaller insertion angle with some tapering and is unlikely to pop.

How To Make the 7 Fold Method

  1. Squeeze the cup and fold one side over (opposite end).
  2. After insertion, push the base of the cup to pop it.

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