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Our Ingredients

Credible, effective and safe solutions for all women that elevate your feminine care routine.

Gentle, Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products Powered by Mother Nature & Science

We use only the highest quality, plant-based ingredients to create the highest quality feminine care products.
Our products are free from harsh chemicals. You will never find any harmful and synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol*, glycerin, harmful perfumes, dyes, EDTA, SLS, phthalates, or any other ingredients you can’t pronounce in any Kushae product.

Our Key Ingredients

Sea Buckthorn

Natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.

French Green Clay

Detoxifies and purifies the skin.


Alleviates vaginal dryness, discomfort, and burning.

Marshmallow Root

Softens and hydrates the skin.


Natural skin protectant and moisturizer.

Arrowroot Powder

Softens skin, maximum sweat absorption.

Witch Hazel

Antioxidant, skin freshener.

Tea Tree Oil

Powerful antibacterial; antifungal.


Antibacterial, antiseptic.

Your Health Matters To Us

"We believe that your health, and not wealth, should be the priority in the crusade to provide women with better, natural choices."

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