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Why should feminine washes NOT contain glycerin?
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According to research done by Johns Hopkins biophysics department, there has been "groundbreaking discoveries in animals and humans that certain chemicals—including glycerin (glycerol), a common base for personal lubricants—can damage or irritate vaginal and rectal epithelial cells, potentially increasing the transmission of STIs such as herpes and human immunodeficiency virus." In addition, glycerin is a sugar that feeds yeast and may potentially increase the risk of yeast infections recurring. Not an ingredient that we use in our wash product at all!

What does “pH-balanced” mean?
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The pH number measures on a scale of 0 to 14 based on how acidic or alkaline something is – anything below 7 is acidic, anything above 7 is alkaline (or basic). Pure water has a pH of 7, which is neutral. You might be surprised to learn that skin does not have a neutral pH. In fact, pH can vary based on the part of the body, and even from person to person. KUSHAE's pH-balanced products are formulated to be in harmony with the areas on which they are used. For topical application to the skin, they are formulated for a slightly acidic pH. For application to the vagina, they are formulated for mildly acidic pH.

Why does it make a difference if the product is “pH-Balanced”?
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The external vaginal area normally has an estimated pH of 4.7, and KUSHAE products are formulated in line with this pH average. When using feminine cleansing products, it’s important that such products are pH-balanced so that they will not affect the external vaginal pH (by being too acidic or too alkaline). KUSHAE products are designed to not upset the pH of the external vaginal area; upsetting the pH may affect the composition of the normal external vaginal area microbiota needed for protection against infection.

Are KUSHAE products tested on animals?
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KUSHAE does not test products or their ingredients on animals, nor has it funded any such activities by third parties.

May any of your products be used as a contraceptive?
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Why should I wipe or wash my intimate area only from front to back?
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Wiping back to front may increase your risk for vaginal infections and/or urinary tract infections because you could introduce fecal bacteria from the anus to your vagina and urethra.

Do KUSHAE products contain fragrances?
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No! KUSHAE products do not contain any added or artificial fragrances. We use natural, organic oils in both our Balm and Deodorant products which may leave a light scent due the nature of the oils themselves. 

Are KUSHAE products tested by gynecologists?
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Yes! KUSHAE is the first and only feminine health and hygiene product line to be created by a Board Certified OB/GYN...who happens to be a woman, too! Our products are also tested by dermatologists, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.