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Shipping & Order Status

Where else can I find Kushae?

You can find Kushae on Amazon.Com and in select Wholefoods in Florida, Wegmans and more. Please visit our Store Locator page for more information.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! Please contact us 24-48 hours before your items have shipped so we can assist you. Once an order has shipped, you'll no longer be able to cancel your order.

How long does shipping take?

Please allow at least 3-5 business days for your order to be processed before shipment.

After your order ships out, delivery time can vary based on your shipping method:

USPS First Class Shipping: 2-5 business days depending on where you live (US only)
USPS Priority Mail Shipping: 2-3 business days depending on where you live (US only)
USPS Express Mail Shipping: 1-2 business days depending on where you live (US only)

UPS Ground: 1-5 business days depending on where you live (US only)
UPS 2nd Day Air: 2 business days depending on where you live (US only)

Please note that the above transit times are estimates only. Transit time starts once the item is picked up by either UPS or USPS from our fulfillment center in West Palm Beach, FL.

How can I qualify for free shipping?

All continental US orders of $75 or more receive FREE Standard shipping.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes if I live overseas?

Yes. International shipping is not inclusive of duties and taxes. Duties and taxes may be due upon receipt and based on local tax rates. Please note you (the buyer) will be 100% responsible for any fees.

How long does International delivery take?

International orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive after they have shipped since all orders must pass through customs.

Customs shipped back my package, can I get a refund?

If your package is unclaimed and is returned back to us, we may refund the amount of the products but the shipping cost will not be refunded.

Shipping Terms & Conditions

✓ Please double check the address you provide during shipment, we will not be held responsible for any packages that end up lost or delayed due to an incorrect address provided by the customer.

✓ If you would like insurance included in your shipment please upgrade to USPS Priority Mail. (USPS covers up to $100 for lost, damaged and missing packages. Insurance will not cover packages that have been confirmed as delivered. Please visit the USPS website for more information.)

✓ UPS automatically covers most packages up to $100 for both a domestic and an international shipment.

✓ USPS insurance does not cover stolen packages, if you feel your location is an unsafe place for delivery, please notify us immediately so we can add a signature confirmation to your order. With a signature confirmation, your package will not be delivered unless someone in your household has signed for it.

✓ Please note that once a package leaves our premises, it is no longer under our control. If you have a problem with your package, contact the United States Postal Service immediately at 1(800) 275-8777 or contact UPS at 1 (800) 742-5877.

By making a purchase with us, you agree that KUSHAE will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or delayed packages that may happen during shipment. We do not provide refunds or replacements for packages confirmed as delivered.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately and without exception we cannot accept exchanges or returns. If your package was damaged during shipment by the carrier, please save the box and the merchandise. Take a photo of the damaged items and notify us as within 24 - 48 hours from when the package was delivered and received via email (

General Product FAQ's

Why should feminine washes NOT contain glycerin?

According to research done by Johns Hopkins biophysics department, there has been "groundbreaking discoveries in animals and humans that certain chemicals—including glycerin (glycerol), a common base for personal lubricants—can damage or irritate vaginal and rectal epithelial cells, potentially increasing the transmission of STIs such as herpes and human immunodeficiency virus." In addition, glycerin is a sugar that feeds yeast and may potentially increase the risk of yeast infections recurring. Not an ingredient that we use in our wash product at all!

Are Kushae products tested on animals?

Kushae does not test products or their ingredients on animals, nor has it funded any such activities by third parties.

Can any of your products be used as a contraceptive?

No, they cannot be used as contraceptives.

Do you have product tutorials?

Yes, we do, please visit visit our Product Tutorials to learn more.

Do Kushae products contain fragrances?

No! Kushae feminine hygiene products do not contain any added or artificial fragrances. We use natural, organic oils in both our Balm and Deodorant products which may leave a light scent due the nature of the oils themselves.

Are Kushae products tested by gynecologists?

Yes! Kushae is the first and only feminine health and hygiene product line to be created by a Board Certified OB/GYN...who happens to be a woman, too! Our products are also tested by dermatologists, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.

Boric Acid Suppositories

Can I use the boric acid suppositories on my period?

The suppositories should not be used on your period. You may use it afterward to balance your pH.

How long should I wait to have sex after I use the boric acid suppositories?

The suppositories begin to dissolve immediately, and may take up to 6 hours to dissolve completely (it is different for each woman!). We suggest waiting for 12-24 hours before resuming sexual activity with a partner after insertion.

What is the shelf life of the boric acid suppositories?

The shelf life for the boric acid is 12 months - 18 months if refrigerated.

Is Boric Acid poisonous?

Boric acid is found naturally, in sea water and in fruits! Our medical grade boric acid is sourced from sea water and when used vaginally is an amazing way to rebalance your pH and eliminate BV and yeast infections for good. 

The poisonous Boric Acid you may be familiar with is another chemical formula that makes natural boric acid toxic. 

Most chemical elements (hydrogen, oxygen, salt, boron, etc) can be chemically changed to either be good for you or toxic. Here’s some examples below:

1. Salt = essential to your body; bleach is made from salt = toxic 

2. Hydrogen = element in water (H2O) is essential to life; hydrogen bombs = deadly

3. Boron = natural boric acid that can rebalance vaginal pH; Borax= poisonous boric acid for insects. 

What should I do if I accidentally ingest the boric?



Health & Vaginal Wellness

What does “pH-balanced” mean?

The pH number measures on a scale of 0 to 14 based on how acidic or alkaline something is – anything below 7 is acidic, anything above 7 is alkaline (or basic). Pure water has a pH of 7, which is neutral. You might be surprised to learn that skin does not have a neutral pH. In fact, pH can vary based on the part of the body, and even from person to person. Kushae's pH-balanced products are formulated to be in harmony with the areas on which they are used. For topical application to the skin, they are formulated for a slightly acidic pH. For application to the vagina, they are formulated for mildly acidic pH.

Why should I wipe or wash my intimate area only from front to back?

Wiping back to front may increase your risk for vaginal infections and/or urinary tract infections because you could introduce fecal bacteria from the anus to your vagina and urethra.



Once your subscription has shipped you cannot get a refund. If you don't want to subscribe anymore, you may cancel your subscription by logging into your account.

Buy Now Pay Later

We use both Afterpay and Shop Pay to help bring you easy installments.


What is Shop Pay?

When you check out with Shop Pay you have the option to pay in installments. Installments are a flexible payment option that allow you to split your purchase into four equal, interest-free payments. You can select this option at checkout on any order from $50-$1,000.

How do I use Shop Pay

At checkout, select Shop Pay as your payment method. Enter your email address to log in or sign up – it’s that easy! Shop Pay installments are made every 2 weeks.

Does Shop Pay have additional fees?

There are no additional fees associated with Shop Pay as long as the payment installments are made on time.

Can I use Shop Pay if I live overseas?

Shop Pay is only available for customers with a U.S. address at this time.

How can I find out more about Shop Pay

Please visit their FAQ page to learn more Shop Pay.


What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows Kushae to offer customers the ability to make purchases now and pay for them in four installments, made every 2 weeks, without any interest.

What forms of payment can I use to make installments to Afterpay?

Visa and Mastercard (credit or debit cards) are the only accepted forms of payment when using Afterpay.

What are Afterpay's privacy practices?

Even though you are shopping with Kushae, you’ll be providing personal information directly to Afterpay if you opt to make a payment for a Kushae order using Afterpay.

If there is a conflict between these FAQs and Afterpay’s Payment Purchase Agreement, the Payment Purchase Agreement will apply.

Where can I find more about Afterpay?

For more information, visit Afterpay’s FAQ page here.

Is there a minimum that I must spend in order to use Afterpay?

Your cart of eligible items must exceed $80.00 in order to use Afterpay at checkout. You may use Kushae store credit, gift cards or E-Gift Cards to pay for an order you want to use Afterpay with, but your order total must exceed $80.00 in order to use Afterpay as a method of payment.

Is there a limit on how much I spend on a single transaction using Afterpay?

Yes, your cart value must be between $80 and $1,000 to use Afterpay with Kushae.


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