Product Tutorials

The Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash

This is great as a feminine wash, body wash, or shave soap! To get a luxurious clean: Use 2 pumps for feminine wash, 4+ pumps for body wash, or rub gently on skin to create a shave foam!

The Kushae Vaginal Boric Acid Suppositories + Probiotics & Aloe

Want to make sure the suppository is “up” far enough? After you insert the suppository into your vagina, give yourself a good “kegel” squeeze. Your vaginal muscles will take the suppository right up where it should be AND you’ve now just done a great kegel.

The Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray

It’s important to spray from the “root to the toot” (all the places hair grows!) To get those hard-to-reach places, hold the bottle with 4 fingers/palm of hand, while using your THUMB to spray…voila!

The Kushae Protective Skin Balm

Avoid chafing before you start your day, by applying the balm (dime sized amount or more) to inner thighs, under boobs, or wherever your skin rubs and tugs!

The Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Stick

Prefer to be "bare" down there (i.e. no hair at all!)? Use gentle swipes of this stick on your labia majora (large external lips where hair grows) to get 24/7 odor protection from sweat and hot days or nights!

The Kushae Natural Feminine Soothing Cream

Ingrown hairs be gone! Take this miracle cream to your wax appointments and apply immediately after wax services to get a jump start on soothing irritated skin, hydrating bikini area, and preventing ingrown hairs from day 1.

The Kushae Premiere Exfoliating Scrub

Waxing? Check! Ingrown Hairs...damn. Make sure to use this gentle exfoliating scrub 48 hours after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs! Gentle enough for face, too!

The Kushae Premiere Silk Body Oil

This Silk Body Oil is a hidden secret! Use it to soften all the hair, everywhere and as a quick-absorbing silky oil after showers!

The Kushae Premiere Lightening Cream

Hyperpigmentation is real after ingrown hairs, thighs rubbing, scars, you name it. Use this natural bleach-free formula to restore your skin to it's amazing original hue.