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Since 2017

Our Philosophy

Your feminine health should never be compromised.

That’s why BK Naturals meticulously created a line of intimate care products for women, to protect and restore your lady parts to their healthy, soft, supple glory.

And don’t worry about using unfamiliar products on your Kushae™! Each ingredient has been thoroughly tested (never on animals) and researched by founders Dr. Barb and Kimba The Natural Diva, so you can feel confident knowing that BK Naturals only serves up products that will keep you clean and fresh without burning or drying out your intimate areas.

Specially formulated with neem, aloe, and marshmallow extract to help you maintain your perfect pH balance, all of our products are made with gentle ingredients and are always 100% free of harsh chemicals.

Our Mission

We want to break the cycle of the overuse of antibiotics and harmful chemicals that are harsh on our bodies. We give women natural alternatives to chemical-laden products on the market, while educating them on how to use these products to maintain their intimate health.

Our Morals and Values

We strive to find the best, all-natural ingredients that are both effective and gentle. If we cannot find an all-natural ingredient that works the best, we will use the safest and most effective alternative. We strive to never use harmful and synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol*, glycerin, harmful perfumes, dyes, EDTA, SLS, phthalates, or any other ingredients you can’t pronounce. We strive to offer pH-balanced solutions wherever we can. We strive to educate women on the importance of vaginal care and maintenance, naturally *some products may contain natural alcohols, not the drying type

Your Health Matters To Us

"We believe that your health, and not wealth, should be the priority in the crusade to provide women with better, natural choices."

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