The Tea For Your V

Welcome to our educational channel for feminine hygiene! We are here to answer your questions about your V and using our experience as a Board Certified OB/GYN and a Pharmaceutical Expert/Natural Diva! Comment down below any questions and comments you have, we love to hear from our viewers!


Why Is My Vagina Dry?

Hey Ladies have we got some tea for you! The tea is boiling hot with the reasons for and advice on how to help with vaginal dryness!

What The pH Is Going On With On With My Vagina?

Hey Ladies! We're back with our third segment, this time the tea is steaming with knowledge about your vagina's ph balance! We're here to educate you about what you need and what to avoid to keep your vagina carefully balanced!

Top 5 Questions Men Have About The V

Hey Ladies have we got some tea for you! The teapot is overflowing with our answers for questions men have about the "v"!

Vaginal Odors, Causes & Solutions


Tight, Right & Bright!

Hey Ladies have we got some tea for you! The teapot is overflowing with information and ways to keep your vagina tight, right and bright!

Dr Barb, OB/GYN Tells All!

Dr. Barb spills the “Tea” about what women should and should NOT do when preparing for your doctor’s visit. Full bush? Crumbs? Surprises? Stay tuned!!

Top 10 Tips For A Tip Top Vagina - Part I

What are doctors and divas doing to keep their vaginas in tip top shape? Stay tuned because we are spilling all kinds of "tea" for your "V" about things you NEED to do to keep your vaginas in tip tip top condition! Info on common ingredients in feminine products that can HURT your "V", how to avoid sweaty vaginas, & more!

Top 10 Tips For A Tip Top Vagina - Part II

Keep it together ladies!! This tell ALL segment between a doctor and a diva is honest, right on time info about how to keep your vagina at its best!


Tired of Chemical-Filled Cleansers for Down There? | An All-Natural 2-n-1 Cleanser!

This video is about our Feminine Gentle 2-N-1 foaming cleanser! In this video we demo, tell you the key ingredients and who needs it! (hint: the answer is everyone with a vagina.)

Sweat and Odor Down There? | All-Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray

This video is about a product that will improve your sweat and odor down there, in this video we talk about Kushae's all natural feminine deodorant spray! Yes, you heard it right a deodorant spray for your vagina! Watch the video to learn what it does, how it works, who its for and the key ingredients!

Chafing, Sweating And Irritated Down There? | All-natural Protective Balm

Do you sweat, chafe or are just irritated down there? why, we have a product for you! The Kushae Feminine protective balm is all natural, OB/GYN-formulated an diva approved, check out the video to hear about what it does, who its for and the ingredients!

A Natural Solution For All Your Ingrown Hair Issues

Get rid of bikini line Irritation and Ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving with this miracle cream!


Vaginal Steaming: Do You Need It?

Vaginal steaming has been a hot topic for many! Here we address concerns and what you need to know about vaginal steaming from a naturalista expert and a board certified OB/GYN!

TOP 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Feminine Hygiene

These are some of the most important tips you can do to help yourself ladies and you NEED to know them.

How to Smell and Taste Good Down There

This is the best video to watch to find out more about why pH balance matters, the best all natural feminine wash, when perfume can screw up your V, and more!

Will an Alkaline Diet Destroy a Woman's pH Balance?

This video is all about why an alkaline diet is important and why both your body pH and your vaginal pH is important to keep in balance!