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Kushae X Whole Foods Market Anniversary

Posted by Kushae Health on
Kushae X Whole Foods Market Anniversary
Happy Anniversary!

Today is an exciting moment for Kushae as we are celebrating our 1 year Anniversary with Whole Foods Market!! Kushae is the 2nd Black-owned and female-owned Feminine Hygiene company to partner with a major retailer in the country…EVER!! We are so grateful for the opportunity we have had with our tremendous partners at Whole Foods Market during our first year! Currently, we are only in Florida but we are working on coming to more stores near you!
We have learned a lot, sold even more, and look forward to launching in more stores around the country soon!

Ladies, you can find fresh #organic produce at Whole Foods but since when is freshness ONLY for produce?! Stay fresh all day, every day with KUSHAE.

Comment below where you would like to see your favorite Kushae products!

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