As the saying goes, thick thighs save lives, and we agree. But the rubbing can cause discomfort resulting in a common thigh-related problem for many of us, thigh chafing. This occurs as a result of friction when your inner thighs rub against each other and damage your skin. Thigh chafing can cause you to have red, blister-like lesions with a burning sensation. You may also have a flat rash, and it can cause itchiness and pain.  

Chafing can be worsened in humid climates, heat, and sweat from exercising or doing regular activities. Thigh rubbing can be a significant source of pain that can impact your mood and daily life. Still, you should participate in your leisure activities. It’s not your fault that your thighs rub together and get red and sensitive. Nor is it your fault that a hot day can make you sweat a little too much under your boobs, giving you major heat rash and a lot of pain.

You do not have to suffer and put up with thigh chafing. There are at-home products that you can use at home to treat and prevent your thick thighs from rubbing so you can enjoy any activity no matter what. With the help of Kushae, you can get the gentle comfort you deserve with our natural vaginal skin irritation and thigh rubbing relief products that protect, nourish, and restore your vulva from friction, chafing, and irritation.

Kushae Recommendation

Wash - As we sweat, the pH of our skin rises, causing bacteria to multiply and odors to start to rise. With our vaginal wash - created by an OBGYN for sensitive skin - you can gently cleanse and moisturize your vulva and body. Because we need a clean area, our luxurious Foaming Wash with moisturizing aloe gel is the first step before using our other products that soothe and prevent thigh chafing. Our wash leverages naturally mineral-rich Montmorillonite clay (from western France) to create perfect pH harmony, reduce odors, dissolve bacteria, and immobilize yeast where you need it most.

Protective Feminine Skin Balm - Skin rubbing together or against fabric has many issues, such as burning, swelling, bleeding, skin discoloration, and itchiness between your thighs, under your breasts, arms, etc. Our natural skin balm heals and protects your most delicate skin all day. Our balm is the perfect solution if you want to end chafing and skin rubbing once and for all - anywhere on your body, and you can even use it on babies. The Kushae balm has natural ingredients that create a natural skin barrier for maximum protection. Ingredients include natural olive fruit oil for friction reduction and sweat cessation, anti-inflammatory Goldenseal for skin healing, and anti-bacterial Calendula for soothing and protection.

Deodorants - Spray & Stick 

Feminine Deodorant Spray - Moisture and heat are significant causes of chafing. We all sweat, but for those who chafe, it worsens the symptoms. Our co-founder, Dr. Barb, mixed 7 natural ingredients in our fragrance-free Feminine Deodorant Spray to stop musty odors on your vulva. Our Feminine Deodorant Spray is created for sensitive and delicate skin and best suits those with hair down there. It is also perfect for your daily preventative and self-care routine.

Feminine Deodorant Stick - As you sweat, the pH of your skin rises – causing bacteria on your skin to overgrow, which causes funky odors and can make you chafe more. Our Feminine Deodorant Stick is made with only 8 natural ingredients and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. Our no-gunk formula is best for women who rock a bare/hair-free “Kushae” (vulva). So, the deodorant stick is your best option if you wax or shave. A few swipes of your Kushae deodorant stick puts the power in your hands to kiss offensive vulva odors goodbye every day.

January 06, 2023

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