Made with non-toxic plant-based ingredients, our all-natural Protective Skin Balm melts into your skin to deliver instant hydration and relief for vulvovaginal dryness, itching, chafing, and irritation.

How Our Protective Skin Balm Does It All:

  • Immediately soothes painful chafing discomfort between the thighs and under the breasts.
  • Soothes and heals sore and cracked nipples and relieves postpartum perineal discomfort.
  • Prevents and protects your skin from chafing, irritation, sweat rashes, and inflammation.
  • A great alternative to drugstore lubes filled with toxic ingredients that harm your vulvovaginal health. Do Not use the balm with a condom (our skin balm will not protect you from STDs or STIs, make sure to practice safe sex).
  • It soothes vaginal or anal irritation after a rough romp.
  • Naturally supports your skin's natural healing abilities without disrupting your pH-balance or hormones.

Hydrate Everywhere With The Universal Balm That Does It All!
August 11, 2022

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