In honor of #womensmonth we've decided to honor some amazing women who are kicking butts, taking names, while making an impact in their communities, and around the world.⁠

Who is Deb Haaland? She is a 35th generation New Mexican and part of the Pueblo of Laguna Native tribe. She is also one of the first Native women to serve in congress on January 3rd, 2019. Congresswoman Haaland partakes in leadership roles as the 116th Congress Freshman Class Representative to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, Deputy Whip for the Congressional Progressive Caucus and House Democratic Region VI Whip (in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas).

Congresswoman Haaland spent many years doing volunteer work and worked on the presidential campaign for senator Barack Obama. She is a progressive lawmaker who supports reduction of extractive fossil fuel activities on Indigenous and public lands. Now, she is on the path of becoming President Biden's next Secretary Interior and if this is done, she will become the first Native woman to run a department. “A voice like mine has never been a Cabinet secretary or at the head of the Department of the Interior,” Congresswoman Haaland tweeted after her nomination. “It’s profound to think about the history of this country’s policies to exterminate Native Americans and the resilience of our ancestors that gave me a place here today." Her win will be an important step towards acknowledgement and respect for Native tribes. Finally, there will be adequate representation of Native lives and Congresswoman Haaland can finally make a reality of the years of broken promises made to Native tribes in America.

March 03, 2021

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