What are Yoni Pearls? 

Yoni pearls are made to detox the vagina for a vaginal cleanse of toxins from menstrual products, past sexual partners, bacterial vaginosis (BV), or yeast infections. They may also be referred to as herbal tampons or vaginal pearls. Yoni pearls contain herbs, such as motherwort, aloe vera, and rhubarb, wrapped in small mesh pearl-shaped balls. These herbal tampons are inserted into the vagina for a few hours and even over 48 hours. Yoni pearls advocates and sellers claim that yoni pearls have many health benefits. The benefits include tightening the vagina and cleansing the sex organ of toxic buildings from menstruation, infections, cysts, and fibroids. Most importantly, no scientific evidence supports any of the benefits, and in many instances, using yoni pearls can cause harm down there. 

Does my Yoni Need a Detox?

If you ask yourself if you need to detox your vagina or uterus, the answer is a strict no. Here is why we do not recommend you use yoni to detox or any other products for that matter. The vagina cleans itself naturally to maintain a healthy pH balance. This self-cleansing organ can eliminate vaginal bacteria and waste through discharge. When you try to change the vagina’s natural environment, you are at a higher risk of having infections and changes in your discharge. The bacteria in the vagina, when it is balanced, protects from irritations and harmful infections. When you detox, the balance is changed where the good bacteria are removed, so the natural defense of the vagina is eliminated. Using yoni pearls will disrupt your pH balance, leaving you with recurring vaginal infections and irritations. Yoni pearls can also damage vaginal tissues and cause vaginal dryness and other health complications.

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Other Reasons Why Yoni Pearls Are Bad For Your Health

Do you know why people should not leave tampons inside them for a prolonged period? It is because of a deadly medical condition known as toxic shock syndrome (TTS) that occurs when menstrual products or things are left inside the vagina for a long time. As mentioned earlier, yoni pearls can be left inside the vagina for up to three days. Yes, you read that right, three days. Specifically, sellers of yoni pearls recommend using yoni pearls to detox for 24 to 72 hours. During these hours, the yoni pearl’s mesh cloth can cause bacteria to build up, and there is a very high risk of vaginal infections, such as toxic shock syndrome and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which affects fertility. You may experience cramping from using yoni pearls for 1-3 days because of your uterus contracting from your body trying to push out.

Our Recommendations

If you are experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms, visiting a gynecologist for a check-up and seeing if you need prescribed medications is best. If you use vaginal soaps to clean down there (only the exterior, never put soap inside the vagina), use a gentle soap made without fragrance, glycerin, sulfates, artificial colors/dyes, parabens, and alcohol. Only use vaginal products that have scientific support for their benefits, like boric acid suppositories. Make sure to have a vaginal routine with products that promote a healthy vaginal environment. We will continue to answer any of your questions coming on our social media in our blog post. If you have questions, you can DM us on Instagram @therealkushae!

May 17, 2023

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.