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3 Reasons why Glycerin can be Dangerous in Feminine Wash products

Posted by Kushae Admin on
Why glycerin is dangerous in feminine wash and vaginal wash products

Let's start with the facts...what is glycerin?

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process. It's common sources are either animal fat or vegetable oil. It is used widely in soaps, cosmetics, and personal care products largely because of its properties as a humectant; the ability to attract and retain moisture on your skin. While natural glycerin can be totally safe for use on your body but not on your vagina, it's level of safety is very different for use in a woman's most intimate areas.

Here are the 3 reasons why glycerin can be dangerous in feminine wash products and why you should check your labels!

 1. New research done by Johns Hopkins University, a leading medical research institution uncovered "groundbreaking discoveries in animals and humans that certain chemicals—including glycerin (glycerol), a common base for personal lubricants—can damage or irritate vaginal and rectal epithelial cells, potentially increasing the transmission of STIs such as herpes and human immunodeficiency virus.

2. Glycerin is a sugar derivative and can ferment in the body. With fermentation, it can provide a food source for yeast and increase both yeast and urinary tract infections in women.

3. Unless otherwise stated, the majority of glycerin used in personal care products are synthetically made. Synthetic glycerin is made from petroleum...the same stuff you gas your car with and certainly not a product you would want in your most intimate areas. You can check our another blog on Toxic ingredients found in personal care products

Please read your labels ladies! There are always healthier ways to address common health and hygiene concerns...and KUSHAE is one of them!

Check out our KUSHAE Gentle 2n1 Foaming Wash which is an all-natural, ob/gyn formulated feminine wash perfectly suited for the gentle and effective cleaning of your most intimate areas. With a luxurious, fluffy foam it also can be used as a body wash and shave soap, and will quickly become your vaginal wash !

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    Is glycerin glycoside?

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