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Get 10% commissions and give your audiences 20% off

When your audience makes their first purchase using your share link, you’ll earn 10% commission and they get 20% off.

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The ideal Kushae ambassador:

  • Likes producing creative content
  • Has an active and creative social media presence on either Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog
  • Has a strong following on her social media platforms
  • Is willing to feature/mention Kushae and our products on her social media platforms at least 4x times per month
Join Kushae Ambassador program

Here's what you'll get from being on the Kushae team:

  • A Brand Ambassador Welcome Kit which includes a complimentary Kushae Travel Kit.
  • Lifetime discount! 15% off site-wide.
  • Unique discount code assigned to you to share with friends for 20% off their first purchase of Kushae.
  • For each purchase made with your discount code, you will be paid a 10% commission of the net sales via PayPal at the end of every month.
  • Inclusion in exclusive KushaeBae ambassador contests and giveaways.
Join Kushae Ambassador program

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