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Best product ever

I have been struggling with itching and pain “down there” and nothing was helping. I had my doctor check for all the possible problems and they couldn’t find anything. Finally I got to see an article online what can possible help me and I bought this product I put in and same day I have so much relief I was so happy. Definitely recommend and urge every woman struggling like me to get this. It took me over a year of pain and I’m finally good

Truly the BEST feminine wash EVER! My go to for the past 5 months so glad I came across this and recommend it to any and every one. Guaranteed no odor, no discomfort & no chemicals ! Just fresh hygiene!

Hasn't Failed Me Yet!

Ever since I tried this foaming wash a few years ago, I have never looked back. This is my go-to all the time and I recommend it to friends and family. This has been a true match made!

First time

I’m really impressed with this product, it’s only been 4 days but the results are amazing!! Looking forward to trying more, even after my workout I’m not feeling or smelling sweaty 🙌🏾


I love this product so much! I’m 19 and I struggled with odor down there way too often so I got the travel size of this just to try it out and omg the smell is gone I will forever use these products! I also ordered the boric acid probiotic and the deodorant spray will be ordering others I highly recommend if you also struggle with odor and are sensitive !

Not for me

The product seemed to be effective at eliminating odor, but it irritated my cookie. I can’t use this.


I have been searching for a while to find a product that met my needs. I am a 59 year old woman, and I went through menopause at a very early age. I didn’t want to use a lot of different products and do more harm than good. So I tried a few, read reviews on others and had no resolve. I stumbled on Kushae read the reviews, waited and then purchased it. I was also sold on the fact that it was made by a woman gynecologist. I tried the products, and OMG!!! I was so satisfied that I put my foam wash on auto delivery. All I can say is please don’t stop producing these product!s💜

game changer!

i’m so happy with this product and I will be purchasing again and again! i started getting yeast infection frequently after being with my boyfriend. i had gotten like 3-4 in a span of 3 months after going nearly my whole life (30yrs old) w/o getting one. so i was getting worried that his ph would just always throw off mine. in an effort to not always need an oral pill from the doctor I started doing research; I stumbled upon kushae. i have been proactively using this after unprotected sex with my bf. it has been a miracle worker and haven’t had a yeast infection since. shortly after using this product, I also learned that if your male partner washes with scented soap, that can also throw off your ph and cause yeast infections. this was definitely our situation. knowing that now and using this product, I think it’s safe to say i will be infection free :) i do notice a drip about 12 hrs after insertion but that’s not a big deal for me (just wear a liner). knowing this product women and black owned- I was already sold. after receiving the product I am now a loyal customer.

I just love the spray!!

It does exactly as it says. It eliminates odor and keeps you fresh all day. I spray it and and let it air dry after the shower.

Deodorant stick

Well let me start by saying I luv the concept of the ease but this stick sucks I'm sorry, but it does not keep its shape I have to put it in the fridge and even after that when I apply it it leaves a gritty feeling. I will not be purchasing this again and I can't recommend this I luv the deodorant spray but the stick thumbs down SORRY!!

I just read one of your responses to a young lady who stated how disappointed she was about the No drip claim on this product. I’ve been having discharge as well but now that I’ve read your explanation of why this is happening, I feel a lot better. I realize now, it’s just going to take time and to trust the process. Thank you for all that you do. Blessings always ❤️


I suffer from BV and when I started using this soap and changing my detergent I stopped having any issues. It’s only been a month but so far so good. Best decision to purchase this product. Nothing else worked for me.

No Hair Bumps

I started using the soothing cream the day after I shaved. I have not had any issues with ingrown hairs. I'm so glad to have come across this website cause I dreaded shaving due to the after effects on my skin. I don't even feel that itch that comes with the hair growing back. I will be purchasing again.

Love it

I love this product


This product is amazing and I love it

The truth

The products are awesome. Everything that was said about it is the truth.

A long time coming

I’ve passed this product on Instagram a lot, just thinking it was like all the others out there. Until my bestfriends and I decided to give it a chance! OMG!! Best decision EVER!!! Hands down the best wash! Didn’t leave me feeling sticky or dry. And the suppositories didn’t leave no mess, leakage, or weird feeling. Definitely stocking back up!

Love it 😍

Finally a product that does what it says. This is most definitely my go to for now on.

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

Ooooo Kushae me and my V thanks you for this amazing product. You will have me as a customer for life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


I love it. It gets the job done.

Great product

I think it’s an excellent product, however I am super sensitive, so it was alittle strong for the first few days, so I have to see how it goes for me

Excited 1st Time User

The fact these products were created by an OB/GYN and her lovely counterparts is what led me to try the products. I’ve tried many sexual wellness products, some good, some bad… but this one takes the cake including the education and community that comes with it! I really love the aloe touch in the boric acid suppositories, it makes a huge difference from previous brands I’ve tried. I love a lot of the products I’ve tried so far!

Deodorant stick

Works ok for me, better than the others I have used, I have a lot of stress sweat, that's terrible, the deodorant stick tones it down some

Foaming Wash

I love this feminine Kushae wash! I tried this wash a year and a half ago, and have been using this since. Love the products!
Thank You!