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Great product but pump can be better

I’ve been using the wash for sometime now and love it however it seems as if more and more the pump doesn’t work even when doing the tips provided. Not sure if it’s possible but I feel the pump should be resigned for easier use and less complications.

This is awesome. You feel fresh and clean.

This wash is gentle yet very effective.

It was a very natural and protective skin for me . I feel softened and leave dry , and fabulous

It was awesome and great to use any woman. I love this product and it feels confident and soft skin very helpful and I want more different products. I love this body wash and I would like to buy different products from kushae

It was only liquid water when i received it

When I received my order my pump on the bottle did not work, so I didn't get the foaming effects of it..

Ok!! So this one here is a hit!! I love it!! It balances my lady out perfectly!! I will be ordering more! Great product!

I never got the opportunity to try this product because it was delivered to me empty. The bottle spilled out and left all of the packaging inside soaked.

This foam smells so amazing and is so sudsy without being messy. It’s luxurious and left me feeling and smelling fresh all day. I love it and will be ordering more.

It Keeps The 😼 Fresh & 💦💦 No Odor Whatsoever

So comforting and smells lovely.

The products help with any odor!

The products help with any potential odor.

As clean as it gets!!!

This is my to go to femine wash. I keep this in my shower, bath tub, And I also have a travel bottle that I take with me. I use no other soaps on my candypie except kushae......This is so right for my body and also you can use it under your arms from time to time. It's a lot of different ways you can use these products on your body. Kudos to kushae!!!!

Really works

I have used this product since February 2023. If you struggle with yeast infection, and or BV, this product actually works. I have went to medical professionals, and they have not help me the way this product as I have also use other boric acid suppositories and I never had the same result that I did with this one. I first used it back in February 2023 for once everyday for two weeks and then once a week for six months after that and I never had any recurrent infections. I just recently re-purchased and I can say I have tested and my review is the truth. This product is the first product that has actually work for me after dealing with recurrent yeast & bv, for almost 2 years. I hope this helps someone. Please try it out. I hope it works for you.!

It really works and I’m obsessed

I never thought that a soap could impact vaginal odor in a major way. Always assumed it would have to be something from the inside like a change in diet or probiotic, etc. I’ve tried so many vaginal soaps and I have sensitive skin. This soap is amazing. It doesn’t irritate me at all. It has a very luxurious texture. And it really really works. Even after a sweaty workout I still smell fresh, which is unbelievable and totally exceeds my expectations. After all, I never expected to smell fresh after a workout haha. Loving this product so much, will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Great Feminine Spray

I really like how it keep me fresh while traveling. I also love that it actually works without the scent being overwhelming.

Fresh and clean

I really love this foaming wash! I love I feel fresh and clean right after the shower.

Has not disappointed me!!!

I can’t say enough about Kushae foaming wash it’s so silky and smooth and treats my Victoria so lovely!!

Gentle and clean feeling

As mentioned above it’s a nice gentle wash that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable

Best wash EVER!!

The only wash ive EVER used that is fresh, light, and extremely effective! This wash leaves me feeling so clean and brings out that natural sweet smell and taste that our vaginas are meant to have. This wash has no fragrances, or parfumes which for me causes odor. Coupled with the boric acid suppositories, she will be happy you chose this product ❤️😊