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5 Ways To Be Kinder To Your Kushae aka Vagina

Often, we think we have to add more soaps to our vaginal cleaning routine, but letting that Kushae do its thing is the best solution! Here are five ways to take better care of your vagina from a certified gynecologist.

Why Do I Have A Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections are caused by yeast overgrowth and can be contracted through sexual contact. However, yeast infections can also result from antibiotic usage, pregnancy, and menopause. The most common causes of yeast infections...

8 Types of Vaginal Discharge and What They Mean

Vaginal discharge is a mixture of fluid and cells from the vagina. Vaginal discharge varies in color, texture, appearance, and odor depending on certain factors like birth control. Normal vaginal discharge is acidic, thick, mucus-like...

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