Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love in all its forms. For some, that means spending time with a partner or enjoying the company of close friends. For others, it means enjoying some "me time." But, no matter how you choose to spend Valentine's Day, one thing is for sure: everyone could use a little spice in their sex life! In this blog post, we will discuss five ways to add some excitement to your self-love or partner play this Valentine's Day. Read on to find out how to spice up your Valentine's Day.

1. Add Sex Toys To Enhance The Experience

A great way to enjoy Valentine's Day by yourself or with a partner is to introduce sex toys into your special time together. This could be anything from a vibrator or a dildo, depending on your preference and what you both are comfortable trying.

Whether you want to introduce it as a new way to get aroused during foreplay or just want a fun way to incorporate self-love into your daily routine, adding sex toys is a fun way to do it. Make sure to use lube to make the experience more comfortable, and follow it up with Kushae Protective Skin Balm to relieve any irritated or chafed areas after rough play.

2. Create Mystery

It's no secret that the early stages of dating are filled with excitement, mystery, and anticipation. However, that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate mystery into your sex life this Valentine's Day. Whether you want to surprise your significant other with a blindfold and tease them before getting intimate, or you want to show off some sexy lingerie that you've hidden underneath your regular clothes, there are a ton of ways to create mystery when it comes to having sex this Valentine's Day.

This might also be an excellent time to chat with your partner and ask them what their wildest desires look like. You might be surprised with the answer they come up with, and it might inspire something new you can try together on Valentine's Day.

3. Relax With A Massage

A massage is an excellent way to relax. Who doesn't love having their muscles rubbed and pressure relieved? The great part about massages is that it's easy to do them yourself! All you need are hands, lotion (or oil), and a willing participant (your partner will do)! With your hands, start out by applying gentle, firm pressure on the muscles of your partner. You can knead, squeeze, or simply run your hands along their back.

When you're finished, hand them a bottle of silk body oil and ask them to return the favor. Massages are great for relieving stress and anxiety as well as providing an unexpected level of intimacy between partners.

4. Delight The Senses

When it comes to sparking romance, why not try something new? Take a risk and try something that you haven't done before. One way to bring novelty into your relationship is to use the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight (look at our list of ways to use each sense for inspiration).

  • Touch: Touch might include activities such as holding hands as you walk together, rubbing your partner's back as they relax on the couch, or even giving each other a massage
  • Taste: Taste might include something such as baking chocolate chip cookies together, eating strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce, or even grabbing some whipped cream and spraying it on your partner's body for a delicious treat.
  • Smell: Smell can significantly impact your mood and can be used to stimulate your emotions. For example, you can light some candles or dash some potpourri around the house to set the mood for romance.
  • Sound: Play some upbeat music and dance with your partner, turn up the volume on your favorite song and sing (or lip-sync) to it together, or play soft, soothing romantic music to get in the mood.
  • Sight: Seeing beautiful sights together is an easy way to spend some time together. You can go to the park and enjoy the scenery, take a trip to an amusement park or romantic getaway, or even watch a sunset or sunrise together.

Even if you're not with a partner, you can still set the mood for yourself and indulge in some "you" time to make the most out of Valentine's Day.

5. Have Fun

If you want to inspire more romance with your partner, don't forget to have fun! Keep things light and take the pressure off. Stop worrying about what you're going to do for your next date night, find the perfect gift, or try something new and intense. Instead, just enjoy each other's company and make the most of each moment together.

Don't be afraid to take some risks when it comes to romance, either. The whole idea of having fun together is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. This can be something simple like trying a new activity together, spending time cooking a meal, watching a movie, or even dancing in your living room with each other. By encouraging your partner to take some risks with you, their self-confidence will increase while also strengthening the relationship.

Why Is It Important To Do Something Special For Valentines Day?

While there are many ways to show your affection for someone throughout the year, Valentine's Day is a time to go all out. It isn't just about spending time together -- it can also be celebrated by doing something special for each other. Whether you do this every year or just once in a while depends on your relationship and what feels comfortable for you both.

Valentine's Day is also associated with romance -- something that most couples hope to keep alive as they continue their relationship. While it might be easier to let romance slide and not do anything for Valentine's Day, it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, use this day as an opportunity to show your partner how much they mean to you and stay in the moment with one another.


Valentines Day is not only a great time to be with the person that you love, but it's also a great way to add some excitement to your relationship. By following these tips, you're sure to spice up your sex life this Valentine's Day. If you need to stock up on your skin favorites for this Valentine's Day, don't be afraid to check out our full line at Kushae.

February 14, 2022

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