We all (for the most part) love having peace and harmony in our lives, right? But have you considered extending that peace and harmony to your kitty down there? Yeah, you read that right! Our kitties deserve the same amount of attention that we give to our hair, face, body, and nails to stay fresh, clean, and healthy! There are different ways to maintain a healthy vagina by taking daily vitamins, using pH-balanced washes and products to keep down there happy. With the Kushae Signature Kit, keeping your vagina fresh all day is as easy as 1,2,3!

Kiss Ingrown Hairs Goodbye!
I love ingrown hair ... said no one ever! But you may love shaving or wax down there and tolerate these ingrown hairs. We all know how irritative ingrown hairs can be. It is time to kick these ingrown hairs to the curb, ladies! Our co-founder and OB/GYN specialist, Dr. Barb, created the Kushae Natural Feminine Soothing Cream to help solve this problem. This all-natural Feminine Soothing Cream is pH balanced, and therefore it will further sustain the preferred environment of the vagina. This thick, ultra-hydrating formula calms irritation after landscaping "down there”. Not only can this cream serve as an after-shave cream, but it can also serve as a vulvar moisturizing cream.
Ladies who shave: The foaming wash is a cleanser and shaving soap. The soothing cream can also be used as shaving cream to calm irritation and ingrown hairs post-shaving. For all-day odor protection, use the deodorant spray after cleansing every day!
Ladies who wax: Use the cream daily to soothe post-wax irritation and prevent ingrown hairs! To get all-day odor protection, use the deodorant spray after cleansing every day!

Keep Your Kushae Ph Balanced!
Ladies, it is time to ditch using perfume and chemical-filled soaps that are harming the harmony of your Kushae. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that removes bad bacteria via vaginal discharge and helps prevent bacterial infections. However, the vulvar area is not self-cleansing, so the key to staying fresh down there is using a gentle, pH-balanced feminine cleanser. The Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash is here to help all women maintain and sustain good vaginal health. Our pH balance wash is moisturizing, organic, fragrance-free, and effective for all-day freshness with no need for vaginal wipes. Bonus use: The Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash is perfect to use as shaving cream and body wash!

Ditch The Wipes!
I love musty odors down there ... said no one ever! Ladies, there is no need to be feeling anxious from sweating down there anymore. The Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray is here to stop sweaty or musty odors “down there” for good. This natural spray has absolutely no fragrance and leaves “down there” feeling and smelling fresh. Ditch the wipes! A few sprays a day keep the odors away with no need to freshen up mid-day.
Ladies, get your confidence back and join the front of the bathroom line with the Kushae feminine deodorant spray! This fragrance-free unique formula stops sweaty odors from ever happening, whether you work out, sit for hours, live in hot climates, or happen to be a bit of a sweaty betty (psst, so are 50% of all women)!

Our Kushae Signature Kit is a great starter kit for those starting their vaginal self-care journey and those who need to spice it up more. This vagina care kit is beneficial to those who frequently shave or wax and all the sweaty Bettys out there. Our co-founder, Dr. Barb, board-certified OB-GYN, has created the formulas for all the products mentioned here.
Pretty Kitty? Check! Made with natural and organic ingredients like aloe, honey, and rose extracts, the Signature Kit will keep your kitty happy all day AND all night long...with less expensive visits to the spa!

June 16, 2021

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.