With our OBGYN approved Kushae intimate care kit, there is little need to add any additional product to your vaginal care routine. This kit consists of most of the products Kushae has to offer. In this vaginal self-care kit, you will find the full-size Gentle Foaming Wash, full-size Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray, full-size Natural Feminine Soothing Cream, and full-size Protective Feminine Balm.

How Can The Kushae Complete Kit Improve Your Intimate Care Routine?

Keep in mind, feminine products have not always been around. For many women, using water and a bit of body soap is the norm. This method is usually not the best intimate care routine to have, as most body washes and soaps contain toxic ingredients that can irritate down there. If you find yourself having frequent urinary tract infections and other types of non-sex-related infections, it could be due to the products you're using and the things you're doing, such as douching or using soaps with glycerin...that's a no-no!

The Kushae Complete Kit is perfect for women and non-binary individuals who have very active and busy lifestyles and need to be ready for anything life throws their way. Kushae products contain NO: parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, talc, artificial colors/ ingredients, or fragrances. Down below, we will discuss the key benefits and tips on using the Kushae Complete Kit products in your healthy vaginal care.

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    Kushae Gentle Foaming Wash - Keep your ‘Kushae’ pH balanced!

    • pH balanced
    • Moisturizing
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Organic
    • Effective for all-day freshness
    • Can be an alternate for shaving cream
    • Can be an alternate for body wash
    • Perfect for daily use

    TIP: Did you know the "locking clip" can be used when travelling? It prevents your wash from pumping out when you don't want it to. Store your locking clip just underneath the pump head so it'll always be available when you need it!

    Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray - No more need for wipes!

    • Eliminates sweat
    • pH balanced
    • Eliminates musty odors
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Guarantee for all-day freshness
    • Perfect for daily use

    TIP: You do not need to wait for the spray to dry completely for maximum effectiveness! Allow to dry for 30-60 seconds and that's it! Throw on your undies and off you go.

    Natural Feminine Soothing Cream - Time to say bye-bye to those ingrown hairs! 

    • pH balanced
    • Ultra-hydrating formula
    • Calms skin irritation
    • Use as shaving cream
    • Use as an after-shave cream
    • Use as a vulvar moisturizing cream
    • Perfect for daily use

    TIP: With the power of calming aloe, this can be used anywhere you remove hair, whether you shave, wax, or laser! 

    Protective Feminine Balm - Say no to chafing and sweaty, itchy skin "down there" 

    • Soothing relief for perineal discomfort and chafing for new moms
    • Moisture barrier
    • Contains organic oils
    • Protects thighs and breast from chafing while nourishing and restoring skin
    • Lubricate dry vulvar skin
    • Maximum protection against sweat for sensitive areas such as the vaginal areas, inner thighs, between “the cheeks” and elsewhere
    • Perfect for daily use

    TIP: Excellent for rashy, itchy areas under the boobs, too! 

    With the Kushae Complete Kit, you have everything you need for the ultimate vaginal self-care: gentle, moisturizing feminine wash for daily use; all-day odor protection from sweat with the deodorant spray; soothing cream to calm irritated skin after shaving or waxing and prevent ingrown hairs; and protection of chafed skin under breasts or between thighs with the skin balm. Have new ways of using Kushae? Drop us a line at support@kushae.com and let us know what works for you!

    This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.