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Ingrown Hairs Be Gone

Posted by Kushae Health on
Ingrown Hairs Be Gone

Honestly, 2020 has been crazy...any way you slice it. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. But...while we try to keep ourselves together amidst it all...make sure the "bumps in the road" aren't showing up on your bikini line... 

No more wax or shaving appointments? DIY shaving and waxing at home?

Whatever your new normal is...the Kushae Soothing Cream is a MUST HAVE for your new routine. This amazing creamy formula made from aloe, honey, and yummy antioxidants:

  • Hydrates and absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling soft and supple
  • Calms irritation quickly from shaving, waxing, or tight pantylines
  • STOPS ingrown hairs from wrecking your bikini line

We have enough bumps in the road to worry about...let's keep our Kushaes bump-free!

Grab your answer now and say NO to Ingrown Hairs.

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