Hyperpigmentation is real after ingrown hairs, thighs rubbing, scars, you name it. Use this natural bleach-free formula to restore your skin to it's amazing original hue.

How to use the Lightening Cream:

Caution: Not for use on face. 

Use anywhere (other than the face) that you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation from: 

  • Ingrown hair markings and scarring 
  • Razor bumps 
  • Chafing 
  • Sun damage 
  • Post-acne scarring 
  • Inflammation or scarring of any kind 
  • Massage a small amount into the hyperpigmented area. Dress as usual. 

Best results are seen after 2 weeks of consistent use. 

While Kushae Premiere Lightening Cream is safe for use on delicate skin in the bikini area, it is not formulated for use on the face. 

May 17, 2023