Avoid chafing before you start your day, by applying the balm (dime sized amount or more) to inner thighs, under boobs, or wherever your skin rubs and tugs!

New mom? There's a few new places that'll get sore...namely the perineal area and nipples (if you're a breastfeeding momma!). The balm is all natural and can safely be used in both areas...safe enough for baby and his diaper rash, too.

How to use the Protective Skin Balm:

  • Use it: Everywhere.
  • Your lips AND your “lips” (vulvar/vaginal skin)
  • Under breasts 
  • Between thighs
  • Where your pelvis and legs meet
  • Between your “cheeks” 
  • To soothe and relieve perineal discomfort 
  • As a diaper rash balm (for adults and babies) 
  • Anywhere you have chafing, friction, or irritation 
  • Apply generously to affected skin and surrounding areas. Reapply as necessary.
May 18, 2023