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Kushae Travel Kit - Limited Time Offer!


  • Created by an OB/GYN
  • Top 3 Kushae bestsellers in convenient travel sizes for purses/travel bags
  • The perfect kit for gift-giving
  • Moisturizing foaming soap, fragrance-free deodorant spray, and ingrown hair prevention
  • Stay fresh all day; perfect for daily use

If you love options, then the Kushae Travel Kit is perfect for you! Whether you're traveling, working out, or need a quick fix in your purse, this kit makes feminine hygiene on-the-go a breeze. Made with natural and organic ingredients, your hygiene routine just got an upgrade...even if your travel schedule doesn't. 

With the Kushae Travel Kit, you have all the essentials you need for "natural care for down there:" gentle, moisturizing feminine wash for daily use; all day odor-protection from sweat with the deodorant spray; soothing cream to calm irritated skin after shaving or waxing and prevent ingrown hairs; and protection of chafed skin under breasts or between thighs with the skin balm.

  • Perfect size for travel bags, purses, and gym bags
  • Wanna give Kushae a try? Great for first timers!
  • Wonderful gifts for friends you know will love Kushae as much as you do!
  • 3 Top sellers all in one Kit!

Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Talc, Artificial Colors/Ingredients, Fragrances

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

I am absolutely Loving the Kushae Line

The prebiotics suppositories didn't work

I wanted to make sure I used the product before writing a review however, I was disappointed with the suppositories... were no drip as it say to the point that even tho I used at night it didnt dissolve to give that flushing or cleaning feeling I hope to have like the other suppositories I've used in the past. It seemed to stay solid and not work for me so I'm not happy with it I would rather it been messing to circulate in v area. The other products wash & deodorant spray has absolutely no scent which was different to me but I love to be able to have a fresh or clean scent smell in that area. This definitely has no smell or scent. I thought the spray was water lol tbh but it's a good wash. But the after wax/shave cream is the bomb! Its everything.... It's very silky ,smooth and soft again no scent which was fine, it felt good to use. I'm glad I tried and had the opportunity to support your business and I'm proud of yall but the suppositories didnt do it for me, Thank you

Great Products in Travel Size

Great products that really work in travel size. I had ordered full sizes of most of the products and I was surprised to find my travel size of the moisturizer upgraded to the full size. The shipping was fast and delivered when expected.


Love this product!!! Will definitely repurchase

Hopeless in VA

Not the product for me. I have a sweat odor that’s not loud, but smelly to me. I thought this would be the product for me based on the reviews I was hopeful. This is the second product I’ve purchased from the internet claiming to have you odor free, nothing seems to work.