Kushae Protective Feminine Skin Balm

The Protective Skin Balm is perfect if you want to:
  • Prevent underboob sweat rashes & inner thigh rubbing
  • Soothe painful chafing discomfort & irritation
  • Hydrate cracked and dry skin, everywhere
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OB/GYN Approved:   

Healing ingredients makes this balm protective and restorative wherever you have irritation

Dr. Barb McLaren, MD, OB/GYN, 20+ yrs experience.

Why you'll love it:

End chafing and skin rubbing once and for all – EVERYWHERE. This natural skin balm heals and protects your most delicate skin. (Shh... It's our best-kept secret!) 

About this product

Everyone knows how uncomfortable and embarrassing chafing can be. 

Skin rubbing can cause itching, burning, swelling – even bleeding and skin discoloration – between thighs, under arms and breasts, on the bra line, and more. 

Enter our best-kept secret! 

How it works: 

We all have areas where skin rubs together or against fabric.

Problems start when sweat and friction meet.

We’ve leveraged “Mother Nature”-approved ingredients to deliver the balm that ends all chafing, sweat irritation, and rubbing burns: 

  • Natural olive fruit oil (reduces friction and wicks away sweat) 
  • Anti-inflammatory Goldenseal (heals skin)
  • Anti-bacterial Calendula (soothes and protects)

Whether you want to run, ride horseback, or wear a bra without suffering… We’ve got you covered. 

Secret's out. Grab yours now!


  • Created by a woman OB/GYN (and diva approved) for sensitive skin
  • Use it everywhere (even on babies) 
  • Wicks away moisture, creates a natural skin barrier for MAXIMUM protection
  • Never tested on animals 
  • Perfect for your daily self-care routine
Product Facts

We absorb an average of 64% of what we put on our skin. That’s why this Kushae Protective Skin Balm For Underboob & Inner Thigh Sweat Irritation & Skin Rubbing Chafing Lotion & Cream is MADE WITHOUT:

Parabens, Sulfates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), Glycerin, Alcohol, Artificial Colors/Dyes

Parabens can disrupt hormones in the body (which can harm fertility) and can increase the risk of cancer. We said no to parabens. 

Sulfates – including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, especially for people with sensitive skin. And warm water makes it worse. None of that here. 

Glycerin is sugar-based and can cause yeast infections. Not interested.   

Alcohol can disrupt your skin's barrier resulting in redness and inflamed skin – especially for those with sensitive skin. We kept it out. 

FD&C (Food, Drugs and Cosmetics) artificial colors and dyes can contain toxins and contaminants like lead and arsenic. Hard no. 

Not only that, but we made our Protective Skim Balm without harming any animals. Because we care about them too

How to use product

Use it: Everywhere.

✓ Your lips AND your “lips” (vulvar/vaginal skin)
✓ Under breasts 
✓ Between thighs
✓ Where your pelvis and legs meet
✓ Between your “cheeks” 
✓ To soothe and relieve perineal discomfort 
✓ As a diaper rash balm (for adults and babies) 
✓ Anywhere you have chafing, friction, or irritation 

Apply generously to affected skin and surrounding areas. Reapply as necessary.

What's in product

We believe in ingredient transparency and consumer education. Because knowledge is power. 

We strive to find the best all-natural ingredients. If we can’t find an all-natural ingredient that’s both gentle and effective, we’ll use the safest and most beneficial alternative.  

Here’s what’s in our Natural Protective Skin Balm: 

Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, cannabis sativa (hemp seed) oil, vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, beeswax, hydrastasis canadensis (goldenseal), symphytum officinale (comfrey root), calendula extract, marshmallow root, avocado oil, organic honey, propolis extract (resin-like material made by bees), carnuba wax (carnauba palm leaf), vitamin E, lavendula angustifolia (lavender) oil, grapefruit seed extract.

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews

Waste of money! Useless! Doesn’t do what it says it will do


Works really well thank you so much

Teresa Brownell
Not happy with this item.

I am not happy with this product first off, i do not like the texture of the item, it is gritty. I had to use a magnifying glass to read the ingredients on the jar, why is it so small? what are you trying to hide? I have used many products to try to stop the rashes itching, and this product not only did not stop it, it made it worse. I am in florida as well, and it is very hot and humid here. had this worked, i would have bought many jars of it. I will not buy any more. I am an older female in menopause stage, and the dry skin and the rubbing got worse with this product, that i had to see my doctor and get a prescription cream for my skin. I was extremely disappointed in this product. My doctor told me to quit using it. what a waste for $25.00

Lynn D.
Great Quality item

I highly recommend this product. Over the years I have tried many different products to assist with rashes and yeast growth and this is the best product I have ever tried. I will never be without it again! Give it a try - you won't be sorry!


Seems to be doing the job that other creams didn’t.

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