During and after Menopause our bodies totally turn on us...let's be honest ladies!

We often don't know whether we're coming or going, and it's even worse if you experience the hot flashes, mood swings or all of the above! Worst of all (okay it's really bad), is the new reality that the skin "down there" is much drier than ever before leading to discomfort in most clothing, itchiness, and no relief! Have no fear...here are the top menopause vaginal dryness and itching remedies...without sitting in a soaking tub all day (although that does sound like a great idea).

1. Menopause causes external vaginal skin to thin out and as a result it is less elastic and retains less moisture (same thing happening to our face happening down there!). With this comes post-menopause itching and vaginal dryness which is uncomfortable and at its worse painful.

2. Relieve menopause vaginal dryness with an oil based solution like the Kushae Protective Feminine Skin Balm, an organic balm created with natural lubricating oils of olive, grapeseed, and hemp!  Applying a thin layer of this balm (just a little is enough!) will hydrate your skin, and protect it from chafing, discomfort and pesky vaginal itching. It's a must have for menopausal women!

3. Use moisturizing washes without any artificial ingredients. Whatever wash you're using down there should be moisturizing and not cause any additional dryness and irritation. Of course Kushae has a wonderful feminine wash that we love! It's luxurious foam is soft and gentle and made with only all natural ingredients. It's the perfect remedy for knocking out menopause vaginal dryness and vaginal itching for good!

August 11, 2020

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