Do I really need a skincare or feminine hygiene routine for down there? The short answer is yes! But it's a bit more complex than that.

Before we dive into why you need a vulvar hygiene routine for down there, it is crucial to note that when we say vulva, we are talking about the exterior bits of your nether regions, not the vaginal canal. The vagina is like a self-cleaning oven that does not need cleaning and is completely capable of cleaning itself - so there is no need for douching and other cleansing vaginal products. The vulva, on the other hand, does need more care and attention, just as our faces, bodies, and skin do, to stay healthy and happy at all times.

Why is having a skincare and hygiene routine for your vulva so important?

Developing a vulvar hygiene routine will help you avoid common issues such as:

  • ph Imbalance
  • Vulvar Irritation
  • Ingrown Hair
  • Dryness
  • Bacterial build-up from sweat and urine
  • pH Imbalance

pH Imbalance

The vaginal pH is about 3.8 to 4.5, meaning that your vagina thrives in an acidic environment. The acidity of your vagina protects you from harmful bacteria and germs that can cause vaginal infections. Scented feminine hygiene products, unprotected sex, vaginal douching, and menstruation can disrupt your pH balance. These can lead to feminine odor, and vaginal infections such as BV and yeast infections. 

The solution: use the Kushae 2-n-1 Gentle Foaming Wash to help your vulva stay clean and moisturized. This gentle foaming wash is pH-balanced, great for sensitive skin, and is made with natural ingredients that will not compromise your health. If you are prone to BV and yeast infections, use the Kushae Boric Acid Suppositories - our gentle and effective vaginal probiotics that help you fight BV and yeast infections naturally.


Vulvar irritation or vulvar dermatitis happens when the skin surrounding the vagina becomes inflamed and itchy. Clothing, sweat, moisture, sperm, and more can cause vulvar irritation.

Symptoms of vulvar irritation include itching and burning, painful sex, and a wet feeling that can be mistaken for vaginal discharge.

The solution: avoid tight clothing, unprotected sex, and staying in sweaty clothes for too long. In addition, using anti-irritation products like the Kushae Protective Skin Balm will help your vulva from friction. Check out Kushae's complete list of anti-irritation and chafing products here

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Ingrown Hair

Shaving and waxing can irritate the skin on your vulva and lead to ingrown hair and even folliculitis (a skin condition where the hair follicles are infected with bacteria). Ingrown hairs happen when dead skin or bacteria clog your hair follicles; as a result, the hair grows back unevenly under your skin. Ingrown hairs can also occur if you don't shave properly or when the hair is not removed correctly during waxing. Ingrown hairs are not usually painful, but sometimes they can become infected. An infected cyst may be red, itchy, and filled with puss.

The solution: Use a gentle scrub like the Kushae Premiere Exfoliating Scrub to exfoliate your skin before you shave. To get the best and smoothest shave, use the brand-new Kushae 3-n-1 Razor Kit (it shaves, trims, and cleanses). To prevent and reduce ingrown hair, use the Kushae premiere silk body oil or the feminine soothing cream (you can even shave with it) to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Vulvovaginal Dryness

Although vulvovaginal dryness is most common among menopausal women, it can happen at any age. Symptoms of vulvovaginal dryness can include painful sex, itchiness in or around your vagina and vulva, and may even lead to frequent urinary tract infections. 

The solution: use a vaginal moisturizer that is non-toxic and created by an OB/GYN or a hydrating balm like the Kushae Protective Skin Balm that hydrates, nourishes, and protects your vulva and vagina.

You should also avoid the following items:

  • Scented feminine hygiene products like bath salts, sprays, and perfumes
  • Tight fitting clothes
  • Using hot water when bathing
  • Non-cotton underwear such as nylon and polyester
  • Feminine hygiene wipes or baby wipes as these can worsen the dryness

Bacterial build-up from sweat and urine

Your vulva, like your armpits, is full of sweat glands which can be a breeding ground for moisture and bacteria. When your vulva is exposed to sweat and urine for a long time, the skin might become irritated and even cause feminine odors and vaginal infections such as BV.

The solution: First, use the Kushae Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash to cleanse and moisturize your vulva; then use the Kushae Deodorant Stick (if you wax or shave) or the Deodorant Spray (if you prefer hair down there) to help keep you smelling fresh all day long - especially if you sweat a lot.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.