Kushae Premiere Silk Body Oil

$39.99 USD

This luxurious body oil provides hydrating moisture to the bikini area, cuticles, face, beard, and all over the body.

Infused with hemp oil, this body oil is fast-absorbing, non-staining, anti-inflammatory, and improves skin elasticity while leaving skin silky smooth.

Tea Tree Oil  - Powerful antibacterial; antifungal
Lemon Peel Oil – antibacterial; light exfoliant
Hemp Oil - Hydrates the skin; Anti-inflammatory



Use on any body hair for silky soft hair and skin. Perfect for bikini areas, under arms, all over body, beards, and face. For best results, use daily.


Made Without: Sulfates, Glycerin, Parabens, SLS, Alcohol, Artificial Colors/Dyes.


Natural and Essential Oil Blend, Lemon Peel Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Hemp Seed Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Hayden
My Miracle Oil!!

Y’all, this oil does MORE than what it says it does. I don’t think they’d have room for everything that it can do and what this can be used for.

Firstly, for real for real - a little goes a looong way! I use two drops for my face and neck total! My skin has cleared up and it’s the ONLY serum/moisturizer I use. It has taken away my pesky moles and acne scars that’s been present forever that I had just given up on.

Secondly, my chicken skin (or whatever that medical term is for it) is LEAVING. All my life I have dealt with these dark, hair bump looking things on the back of my arms and thighs that I have again just given up on trying to fix. I was so tempted to try a brand that says it works for it but it was so expensive, full of bright unnatural colors and you’d have to use 2-3 products just for that reason - but NOPE! I found my Mitacle Oil! And guess what- I don’t even use it full-strength on my body. Just a Doppler size mixed with some Aloe Baby Oil to help smooth it all over. And believe me, I am no size 2 type of lady.

Thirdly, the scent is not like a beautiful aroma of roses or anything, but I feel so clean, fresh and revived from the natural fragrance. Some say it has pain-reliveing properties. I don’t know that for a fact myself, but I do feel a great sense of Ahhhh when using this.

Bottom line, people - do not sleep on this and get as much as you can!

P.s. All my experiences from this happened half way through my bottle, so results are quick. 😉

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for reviewing the Kushae Silk Body Oil!
We are so happy to hear that this is your miracle oil! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the oil and how many different ways it has helped you.
Thank you for supporting Kushae!

A miracle in a bottle that smells like heaven!!!

This oil has become a staple in my vaginal and skincare routine. I use it all over my body, including my face; I love how quickly it dissolves and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. Did I mention it smells like a slice of heaven???

I also use it for my occasional menstrual cramps and it relieves the pain quite quickly. I buy it for both of my parents and they both love it too. My dad now calls it the miracle oil for his chronic pain.

All in all, I love this brand and use most of their products religiously! I just wish it was around when I was a teenager.

Love it!

Baby this oil is magical, when I say it work for my aches & pain as well as keeping my skin soft I have no words but get you some.

Camila Perez
Organic Natural Oil That ACTUALLY Works!!

Omg normally I stay away from oils due to the oily leftover feeling but wow this oil absorbs so nicely! I was shocked when I didn't feel like I was covered in oil. Another thing that had me hooked was how fast-acting it can be. I normally get pretty strong cramps during my cycle and this is now my go-to for menstrual cramps reliever! It also relieved the pain in my boobs and knees while on my period. Overall, I would definitely recommend this oil to those who have any type of pain or want a great smelling massage!

Best Oil Ever!

This oil does exactly what it says it does. My birth control pills made my boobs extremely sore. Once I massaged some oil on there, it really soothe the pain. Anyone with soreness should give this oil a try. I also use it to moisturize my face and it feels so wonderful! I will be buying this forever!!!!!

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