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Feminine Deodorant Spray - Travel Size


The Kushae Travel size Feminine Deodorant Spray is the perfect companion for your purse, travel, or a gift! This spray is 2 oz and TSA-approved! This all-natural "feminine deodorant spray" combats odors “down there” caused by heat, moisture, and sweat. 

  • Created by an OB/GYN
  • Neutralizes odors "down there" due to sweat
  • Made with natural ingredients including aloe
  • Provides all-day freshness
Made Without: sulfates, glycerin, parabens, SLS, alcohol, artificial colors/dyes, phthalates, or any chemical ingredients

*Note: This item not eligible for coupons/discounts

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Alaysha Ashmore

How do you use it

Hi Alaysha! Please follow these steps to get the most out of your spray.
Shake well. Best used immediately after a shower or freshly cleansing area.
Spray 4-6 times to cover external vaginal area. Spray should cover all vulvar areas where hair could grow. Allow for product to partially or completely dry to avoid wetting undergarments and for maximum absorption. Reapply as needed.
Send us an email of you have additional questions.
Thank you for supporting Kushae!

Nakia Anderson

I am loving these products and I will be ordering some more in the near future

latrisa Pickett

So far so GOOD. Like the protection when I sweat.

Denise C.
Great product

Works effectively! My only issue is the spray button on both procure I ordered is not working 😩

Jasmine Middleton
Life saver

I have searched high and low for something to eliminate the musty smell “down there” when sweating. I could not find anything!! After using this, I can finally say, THIS WORKS!! It lasts all day and I also use it on my armpits as well.