Try Something New

Spice up your sex life by trying something new in the bedroom. Change can be a bit challenging with couples that have been together for a long time because as couples spend more time together, they tend to form routines. Stretch out your boundaries in the bedroom and start exploring with foreplay to increase intimacy. Try new sex positions and sex toys like a vibrator for more stimulation. You do not have to be wild or live out crazy fantasies (unless you want to).

Revamp your Bedroom

It’s time to light some candles, fluff those pillows, turn on your diffuser with relaxing oils, and get ready to spice up your sex life with a bedroom makeover. The bedroom can be a mundane place and put a damp on sex. Redecorating the bedroom with an easy and quick makeover can make a huge difference in your love life. You can buy soft, dimmable lights and smart lights that allow you to change the colors and intensity to set up the perfect mood. Create a romantic, relaxing space by cleaning up any declutter, such as dirty laundry or kids’ toys lying around. You want to stay present in the moment, not reminders about the house chores.

If you have time to do a more extensive makeover, you may want to repaint over bland colors and try vibrant and inviting colors, such as rich reds and deep blues. Look for new bedroom furniture and give your bedroom a whole new look. Change your back-breaking bed to one that feels comfortable. No one wants to get busy in a bed that feels like a medieval torture device. Change that bed, and get new bed sheets to bring some romance into your life. When you switch to silk or cotton, you will get that extra layer of sensuality. 

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Get Out of the House

Routine may bring you comfort but it sometimes makes intimacy feel predictable. It is a silent passion-killer, the more you do something, like eating one particular food every day, will get bland over time. Switch things up a bit to bring back the passion in your love life. Leaping out of your usual setting can make sparks fly in ways you never imagined.

Let’s not limit our love life to just the four walls of the bedroom. You can plan for a fun, sexy weekend getaway to create your own little love bubble. You can keep it simple by going on a road trip, having a spontaneous date night, or booking a night at your local hotel. If you want to go all out, get a cozy cabin in the woods, go on a mini vacation, or travel to new places. A change in scenery can add an extra layer of excitement and help you both unwind, leaving behind the stressors of home life. 

Try to Relax

Sex is a wonderful stressbuster, but getting in the mood when you're wound up tighter than a spring can be a tough nut to crack. Set the tone with a curated playlist with songs that your partner and you would love. Maybe it’s jazz, or R&B, whatever music you both find relaxing is a great start. Let the song take over and move to the beat or melodies. You can also transform your bedroom into your private massage parlor. Light up some candles, dim the light, get your favorite scented oils, and take turns removing those knots. A good, deep massage from your partner will not only make you feel relaxed - but it will also build intimacy and set the stage for an adventurous night.

Use Lubrication

Lubrication is your secret weapon for turning on the head in your bedroom. For women, hormonal shifts during menopause can lead to vaginal dryness, making sexual activity uncomfortable.  Lubrication is vital for women to feel aroused. Many factors, such as taking birth control and going through menopause cause vaginal dryness. Many women with vaginal dryness experience painful sex because of the lack of lubrication. 

Lubrication can turn painful sex into mind-blowing pleasure that you do not want to end. Think of it like the backstage crew making sure the main act goes off without a hitch. Lubrication reduces friction, takes away the discomfort, and makes vaginal or anal penetration smoother and more satisfying. Whether you want to try something new or enhance the experience, find the type of lubricant that works best for you, whether it is water-based, silicone-based, flavored, or tingling. Lubricants can add a new layer of fun and excitement to your sex life.

Pay Attention to Sexual Problems

Sexual problems are often swept under the bed. It is not an easy topic to discuss, but speaking about it is the only way to address and find a solution to the issue. You are not communicating with each other to point fingers, but to tackle the issue together. Whether the issue is anorgasmia (delayed, infrequent, or absent orgasm), low libido, performance anxiety, vaginal dryness, lack of interest in sex, or erectile dysfunction, you have to acknowledge the cause to find a solution together and deepen your intimacy. There are solutions to sexual problems that can be done as a couple, - be it by buying sex toys, trying new positions, or seeking professional advice. Don't settle for a mediocre sex life. 

Do not Give Up

If you're trying but things aren't getting better, don't lose hope. Your doctor can figure out why you're having problems and might have solutions. They might also suggest talking to a sex therapist who can help you work through any issues that could be affecting your sex life.

Improving your love life will need some effort. Your love life can become routine and unexciting unless you try to keep things interesting. Not every attempt to spice things up will work perfectly. Taking risks means you might face some failures, but the key is to keep trying. Don't let embarrassment or fear hold you back. Settling for an average love life isn't the goal.

February 14, 2024

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